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Repairing water leak inside fridge: Freezing drain vs. clogged drain line


My double (french) door Samsung fridge was leaking water inside the fridge and water was getting down into the crisper drawer at the base of the fridge and also under the drawer. We shut off the water to the fridge but it was still leaking water from condensation because the drain was clogged. In this video we show how to un-clog the drain behind the fridge that drains into the evaporation condensation pan. We also show how to install a part that helps prevent freezing which can also clog the drain. Many Samsung fridges also have had freezing issues. Hope this helps you with your fridge!

Purchased the part below to prevent any future drain line freezing issues…

Part used in repair to prevent drain line freezing:

My fridge is the Samsung RF266AEPN french door stainless steel refrigerator but this should apply to most samsung friges and possibly other brands too.
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