Plumbers Tips: Great Ways To Unblock A Drain

Unblock A Drain

To unblock a drain is probably one of the worst DIY jobs a person can think off. Most people would rather wash the swimming pool with a toothbrush before facing the challenge of a drain. The smell is bad and the experience unpleasant, which is why you want to do it quickly and effectively.

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Just read a little further about the best ways you can tackle this mess without getting dirty.

Don’t Let It Clog

This sounds rather stupid doesn’t it? But would you prefer unclogging it several times a month? Always keep in mind that drains function on a daily basis. This is also means that a lot of garbage moves through those pipes. It’s obvious that they are going to start packing up at some point. There are several drain unblocking products on the market, ranging from powders to liquid, which you can use to keep those drains clean. Prevention is better than retaliation in this case.

The Options You Have

Power snake used for drain cleaning by plumbersYour first option is to call a professional, but this seems rather drastic. It could be a small blockage that only needs a little plunge to fix. You definitely won’t have to suffer through that unpleasant smell, but it’s going to cost you. The second option is to go the hardware store and ask for some powerful drain cleaner products. This can be in powder form, for which you typically need boiling water, or as a liquid. Regardless of the form it comes in, always use it with safety in mind. These products are made out of very toxic and harmful compounds. You never want to get into direct contact with the substance, nor do you want to smell it.

Assuming you don’t have time to go to the hardware store and you don’t feel like paying a professional something you can do, then try this home remedy. Try to get the area as dry as possible. Remove all access water if possible. Now throw some baking soda down the drain, about a cup. Make sure that it goes down rather deep. This is followed by two cups of boiling hot water and give it a few minutes to mix with the baking soda. Now add more baking soda, but keep some vinegarĀ  handy, preferably one cup, because this goes in right after the baking soda. Finish the process by replacing the plug in the sink or the cover of the drain hole. Some strange sizzling noise should be coming from the drain and that is a very good sign.

It means the mixture is working and the drain should be clean after a few minutes. Last but not least, you can use a plunger if the above products do not work. However, this will take more effort and leave some water in the sink to help the plunger to stick. Conclusion Until science can invent better methods of cleaning drains, these are your best and quickest options to unblock a drain.


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Fixing a Clogged Defrost Drain Check Valve in a Whirlpool-built Bottom-Mount Refrigerator


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Cleaning Your Plumbing Vents

(photo credit:

When you have drains at home that are slow and sluggish, it does not always mean that there are clogs or obstructions in the drain lines. There are times that you actually need to go up to your roof and fix the problem there. Well, it might sound weird, but the thing is you only can access the vent openings from there.

The moment the vents get blocked, what happens is that air wont be able to reach the drains, which then corresponds to the production of vacuum that slows running water down or even stop it. In some instances, the vacuum may even pull the water out of the drain P-traps and toilet bowls, which can lead to the gases coming from the sewers to go up and wreak havoc to your home.

But what you need to know is that you dont have to suffer from it all. In order to avoid those troubles, all you have to do is clean your vents and get rid of debris.
If you dont have a clue on how to do it, then you should start reading our step-by-step guide:

1 Grab a ladder because thats about the only safe way for you to climb your roof. Be sure you know what youre doing, because if youre not sure about climbing and youre afraid of height, it is best to call somebody else to do it for you. Anyhow, lets just assume youre confident enough to do it you still need to secure the lower part of the ladder using something like a rope in order to prevent it from sliding.

2 Before you climb up, bring with you some essential tools you will use, including a garden hose that preferably has an adjustable nozzle and a screwdriver. Figure out if your vent has a cap because if it does have one, youll need the screwdriver.

3 You already managed to climb. But you dont know where or how to start, right? The first thing you will want to look at is the vent opening. Try to see if there are any visible obstructions. There have been countless times when leaves and debris are collected in that particular area, but you dont want that to happen because it will block or hinder air circulation. Clear them obstacles thats what you need to do.

4 Next, put your attention to the nozzle and set it to full mode. Use it to spray water directly into the vent opening. By doing so, the water has the best chance of clearing all debris that is already inside the line. However, if the blockage is huge enough that water isnt able to move it, you need to stop using it because it will just full the pipe and back out of the opening. At this point, you need a more aggressive approach.

5 If the blockage is just too much, you need to grab a long plumbing auger, probably about 20 feet. Insert its head into the vent opening and then feed in the cable until you make contact with the blockage. Next, crank the handle so that you start pushing the head through the blockage. You know youre successful at that when water starts to drain. Finally, you will want to retract the auger since the remaining debris will most likely go with it.

As a final reminder, dont forget to wear shoes with rubber soles, the purpose of which is to get that much needed traction when youre climbing on the roof. Also, not all types of roofs are easy to climb. If you happen to have one with a very steep pitch, it makes sense if you hire a professional plumber to handle the cleaning instead.